The origins of the Original Haze

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Original Haze has hit the market fairly well due to its distinct properties and characteristics that substantially distinguished its brand from the others. It has its unique scent and aroma and the potency that most recreational users love. Over the years, it does not only continuously satisfying many happy users but many  [ Read More ]


Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Is it difficult to grow your own Original Haze medical marijuana strains? Technically, it is difficult to grow medical cannabis because they require special conditions which are not important in growing other plants. Most especially if they belong to the haze strains as these grow very lengthy. When you intend to grow  [ Read More ]

Why does Original Haze extremely popular?

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Like3 Tweet0 Google+0 What defines a popular cannabis strain? To be hailed as famous in the Marijuana world, a specific strain must have what it takes to be considered as one. Top-notch quality, undisputable potency, good genetic build- up, and pleasant aroma and taste are some of the defining factors of a cannabis strain that  [ Read More ]

Why do many people prefer Original Haze?

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Original Haze is the first of the many first- rate Haze strains of today. It is a superior cannabis breed that gave rise to the various powerful and well recognized hybrids and is one of the important pillars in many breeding communities. Original Haze generally originated from the tropical parts of the  [ Read More ]

What does Original Haze has to offer?

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Like2 Tweet0 Google+0 Before all the popular cannabis hybrids and other potent strains of Haze family came to be known and patronized by the many recreational users in across different countries, there was the Original Haze. It was the first of its kind and eventually became one of the pillars of the Marijuana breeding communities  [ Read More ]


Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Why is it important to have high quality of seeds? The growth of your medical cannabis rely mostly on the quality of the seeds that you have purchased. The quality of the resulting buds and leaves are sometimes dependent on the seeds of the Original Haze you have got. The seeds are  [ Read More ]


Like3 Tweet0 Google+0 What are the special features of growing Original Haze? Haze strains like all other medical cannabis strains are hard to grow. Technically, they involve much effort, time and costs. They flower in 14 weeks almost doubling the time needed to flower other strains. Medical cannabis grow in special conditions unlike the other  [ Read More ]


Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 What symptoms can be treated by the Original Haze medical pot? Original haze strains have a notable level of THC content. Although having a minimal amount of CBD, they are still good in treatment of symptoms of diseases. These symptoms include stress, depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders and pain. These can be cause  [ Read More ]

Which Weather Does Original Haze Grow Best

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Before the proliferation of the many potent types of cannabis hybrids and prior to all the buzzes going on for a particular Marijuana strain, there was the Original Haze, the first of its kind which became the ultimate progenitor of the many kinds of hybrids of today. It is specifically known for  [ Read More ]


Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 What are the special features of the Original Haze? Original Haze medical cannabis are special in a way that their effects of THC are very concentrated. They can grow double the size of other strains. They are sativa genetics so they have remarkable aroma and taste. Growing them also takes double the  [ Read More ]