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Super Silver Haze – A Great High By Combining Seeds

The Super Silver haze is the much-enjoyed variety of a weed plant that farmers benefit from when they cross some of the non-dominant Indica cannabis seeds with the world’s strongest Sativa to be found, Haze.

They realized that when they would combine each of these types of seeds together, the end result was a plant that was much more easy to manage in its height, and it also did not take away from the quality of the amazing high that you get with the very strong high that is found in haze marijuana, because of its high levels of THC content. The Super Silver Haze even won the Best Strain Cannabis Cup in 2007, and the High Times Harvest Festival in 1989.

This particular strain of marijuana may not give as much yield as some of the other selections, but the quality is simply awesome. The taste is also great, giving a flavor that is similar to eucalyptus fruit. Super Silver Haze is the right choice to make if you plan to grow your weed indoors, and it is only moderately difficult to grow and flowers in approximately 9 weeks. Beginners might consider trying an easier strain to start off with.